As The Dark Wave Swells - The Bambi Molesters

from the album As The Dark Wave Swells (2011)

I love this song.  It begins with two guitars offering spaghetti western voicing accented by a few cymbal rolls.  Enter the beat and groove with 60's movie theme orchestration.  The beat transitions to some great floor toms ... a few cymbal crashes, and ... WHAM ... here come the horns.  Next, guitar and horns join forces to celebrate the hook with majestic orchestration lifting it to higher heights.  Finally, we return to the floor toms for a beautifully subdued close.

The Bambi Molesters are from Croatia, but you'll swear they are from Laguna Beach.  This is most likely the best surf recording 2011.  There is little doubt we will here this song on a future movie soundtrack.  Goosebump Good.