One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend) - Wilco

from the album The Whole Love (2011)

This is a truly beautiful 12 minute 4 second song.  I wish it were longer.  Both simple and complex, every listen uncovers something new to lose myself in.

>  The way the brushes land on the snare
>  The interplay between the piano and acoustic guitar
>  The groove set by an almost invisible bass that delights you with perfectly chosen variations
>  Jeff Tweedy's vocal
>  The twangy riffs that dance across the last 6 minutes like shooting stars
>  The restrained feedback that simultaneously holds you in the song while letting your mind roam
>  The couple of times when the strum of the acoustic guitar rings into the frets
>  The space that exists in spite of all the music that envelopes you
>  The melody and hooks that stay with you long after the music ends

For me, this is musical ecstasy.