Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down - Robert Plant

from the album Band Of Joy (2010)

So we're chilling at my place watching the opening credits of Boss.  Suddenly, like a Tasmanian She-Devil, my lady friend reaches across the nightstand, grabs her iPhone, clicks on Shazam, and watches the display spin until the title and artist appear.  Robert Plant.  I was familiar with the song from the Uncle Tupelo version from 20 years ago.  I had later found an older version on High Atmosphere, an album of Appalachian ballad and banjo tunes from the mid '70's.  I really like when Robert Plant goes the bluegrass route.  His vocals blend well with the instruments while the lower volume and space in the music allow you to really appreciate his fantastic voice.  Good stuff.


  1. A voice like a lion from god is what Robert Plant was blessed with, and to be able to cast that voice out to the masses only serves to let us all know that a higher power allows us to recognize the presence, and to hold the voice in awe!


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