Blue Monday - Autoramas
Musica Crocante (2011)

I have a long standing fantasy of strolling down a Rio de Janeiro beach, checking out the scenery, and taking an occasional swim in the sweet blue water.  Later that afternoon, I drop into a beach bar where the band is laying down a cool bossa nova groove.  The singer is a beautiful, young Brazilian girl who flashes a secret smile, looks me in the eyes, and sings Corcovado with the tenderness that Jobim always intended.  Melt my heart.

Autoramas provides me with a different fantasy.  They are a garage/surf band from Rio that makes me want to head into a back alley bar, chug a cheap beer, and watch this explosive group pound out their instrumental cover of the 80's New Order classic Blue Monday in bone-chilling, three-piece triumph.  Melt my brain.

It starts with the song's familiar drum introduction played on a real drum kit.  Enter the guitar riff, add the bass, and off they go.  I would love to learn how the guitarist gets that sick tone.  It sounds like insects are drilling into your teeth.  Once the groove is established, the guitar follows the New Order vocal melody making you want to sing along ... Tell me how does it feel?... at the four minute mark, the drummer kicks it into another gear for an emphatic close.  It leaves me wanting more.

Fortunately, I am allowed to have multiple Brazilian music fantasies.


  1. Man, this song is great!!! Thanks for helping me discover it. Cool.


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