Dear Believer - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros
Here (2012)

I have undertaken two major initiatives - one personal, one professional - that are weighing heavy on my mind.  I believe passionately in both and have dedicated myself toward making them a success.  In each endeavor, I am most fortunate to have wonderful people who share the vision and have personally sacrificed to help bring it to fruition.  Unfortunately, the chances of either succeeding seem more remote today than ever.  I feel guilty for bringing these people on journeys that may not have happy endings.  Still they continue to sacrifice, as I do, because they believe.  The power of the human spirit inspires me.

The song Dear Believer by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros has been a source of encouragement during this time.  The song's chorus has become a mantra in my mind:

Paradise, has its hunter
Call me blind, call me fool
I don't mind chasing thunder
I say reaching for Heaven is what I'm on Earth to do

This song grabs me from it's opening line - Dear Believer, come sing me a song - which makes a personal connection reminiscent of Ray Davies at his best.  From there all the elements hit home.  The arrangement, the instrumentation, the backing vocals, and the melody line that makes me want to "follow the bouncing ball" all resonate with me.

There are times when I believe that this song is written specifically for me and my band of believers. This song makes a rare connection.  Thank you to Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros for touching me.