El Poder Emborracha - Desorden Publico

from the album Los Contrarios (2011)

Once upon a time, a group of friends and I went to the Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee to see the ska movie Dance Craze.  It was as close to "the rapture" as I've ever come.  People dancing in the aisles, dancing on the stage, cheering each other on in total bliss.  It was incredible.  Each genre of music has its own vibe, but ska remains special to me for the way it makes me feel and for bringing me back to that crazy night.

Desorden Publico is a Venezuelan ska band.  They blow me away.  I like hearing ska sung in spanish.  I probably have The Clash to thank for it.  There are two english-sung covers on the album: City Of The Dead by the Clash and It Must Be Love by Madness, but the band's original spanish-sung songs are what really shine on this record.

El Poder Emborracha is my personal favorite.  With a hard driving beat pumped up by a solid horn section and lounge singer vocals, I was instantly hooked.  The title roughly translates to "the ability to get drunk"... something that should be celebrated in song.  It features vocals from Ruben Albarran from the Mexican rock band Cafe Tacuba.

If you are looking for a great party song, this is it.  Fabuloso !!!