Foolish Pride - The Dropsteppers
Get Up In It! (2011)

Songs about fools always resonate with me.  I've played the Fool In The Rain, the Fool For The City, and A Fool For Your Stockings more than I care to admit.  But more than any situational fool, I have all too often let my Foolish Pride get the best of me.  Oh, Foolish Me.

Foolish Pride is a song I've been recently digging from Minneapolis ska outfit The Dropsteppers.  A hornless ska band, The Dropsteppers rely on a a superbly steady beat, hook-you-in-the-mouth bass grooves, and tight rhythm guitar to form their sound.  Layer this with well-crafted lyrical melodies and perfectly placed keyboards and let the fun begin.  I recommend it.

Take it from a Fool Who Knows.