Rise In the Sun - FM Laeti

from the album It Will All Come Around (2011)

FM Laeti is a Paris-based R&B Soul Singer.  I recently came across her and have been hooked ever since. The entire album is stunning.  Woven in her vocals are shades of modern vocalists, like India Arie and Amy Winehouse, and classic vocalists, such as Nina Simone and Billy Holiday.  The production is slick and modern.  It is commercial while remaining true to her talent.

There are three songs that I particularly dig on this album: Rise In the Sun, It Will All Come Around, and Gimme Love And Truth.  Rise In The Sun is the single.  It has that intangible something that makes a hit record.  I am not sure if it is the beat, the groove, the vocals, the arrangement, the production, or the understated Caribbean vibe that highlights her Guadeloupe roots.  Probably all of the above.

One of my favorite lines comes from the Stevie Wonder song Sir Duke that describes a hit record by saying "you can tell right away its got the A when the people start to move".  It is true of this song.  It is exciting when you stumble across a fresh new artist of this calibre.  I hope she tours my way so I can catch a show.  I bet it would be enchanting.