Baby, Let Me Take You In My Arms - Curtis Salgado
Soul Shot (2012)

To the songwriter, each song is like a child.  It is created, nurtured, socialized, and one day it finds itself fending for survival in a cold, cruel world.  Most songs do not last long once they are out on their own. I mourn these songs.  However, on some rare occasions, a long forgotten song is rediscovered by an artist who breathes new life into it and introduces it to a new audience.  These are occasions to rejoice.

In 1972, Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms) was released by The Detroit Emeralds.  It reached #4 on the US R&B charts.  The song had this great funky vibe and sweet vocals that reminds you of Eddie Kendricks or Curtis Mayfield.  Then in 1989, the song was sampled by De La Soul on the song Say No Go from the classic album 3 Feet High And Rising.

Now in 2012, it has been resurrected by Curtis Salgado.  Curtis is an incredible singer who combines Blues, R&B, and Soul seamlessly.  Curtis is most renowned for his six years with The Robert Cray Band and for his time with Carlos Santana.  He is also recognized for his friendship with John Belushi and his contribution to The Blues Brothers film.

This version injects a fresh interpretation and superb fidelity while remaining true to the original.  I particularly enjoy the vocals.  The band is tight with a great horn section.  I also enjoy the intense keyboard accents and harmonica solo.  Makes you want to grind with your lady friend or drive the '71 Catalina thru the city streets after midnight.  It helps release your inner funky.

I salute Curtis Salgado for bringing this lost child back from oblivion.