Big Jet Plane - Angus & Julia Stone
Big Jet Plane - EP (2011)

This is a catchy song with a pop sensibility that I dig.  The opening guitars and orchestration couple rich tones with a steady rhythm, a trait I really enjoy in several Australian bands.  The vocals feature Angus, who I'm always keen on, with Julia providing lush harmonies that help make the melody soar.  Add the bass and drums and you have Angus & Julia at their best.

There isn't much to point your finger at and say "Hey dude, check this out", but there is something infectious about this song that provides a magical staying power.  I've been walking around singing "Gonna take a ride on a big jet plane" for about six months and counting.  More than a few people have asked me "What did you say?", and I reply "Oh, just singing a tune".  That is my polite way of saying "Bugger off jerk-face, I'm happy right now".

The EP has a few versions to choose from.  All are good.  However, I'm sticking with the radio edit since this song deserves to be played on some evolved radio station somewhere.  Also on the EP, check out Julia performing a coffee house version of Olivia Newton John's You're The One That I Want.  This rendition gives me a new found respect for the song that I managed to miss during those nights at the drive-in, when I was learning how to be cool (or at least how to hold my liquor).  It's acoustifying!

Click Here to view an acoustic version of Big Jet Plane.

Click Here to view Julia Stone performing You're The One That I Want during an interview in Amsterdam.