The Bomber - Sly & Robbie
Blackwood Dub (2012)

Who are the five best rhythm sections of all time?  Tough question.  Well here are my five (in no particular order):

   >  Duck Dunn and Al Jackson
   >  Rick Danko and Levon Helm
   >  Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare
   >  Bootsy Collins and Jabo Starks
   >  Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts

So who do you think I missed?  Let me know.  It is likely a long list.

Sly & Robbie give me the chills.  They have left their mark across the landscape of music I dig.  Check out the You Tube videos of them playing with Peter Tosh in his Bush Doctor days.  Also take a hard listen to their performances on Grace Jones' Warm Leatherette or Amp Fiddler's Blackhouse (Paint The White House Black).  They create iconic vibes.

Blackwood Dub is a new record of Jamaican Dub Instrumentals.  Sly & Robbie have surrounded themselves with great musicians whose names grace the liner notes of the finest reggae ever recorded.  When you listen, you will need to remind yourself that this is an actual band making these sounds... no sampling.

Of these songs, I really like The Bomber.  I particularly enjoy Sly Dunbar's drumming on this song.  Mix in Robbie Shakespeare's groove and some great guitar work and you are in audio heaven.  I recommend listening loud with a good set of headphones.


  1. This is a tough -- so many good ones. I will start with an easy duo though Pete and Bruce Thomas of Elvis Costello's Attractions. All time though?? Intimidating...

  2. ...upon further thought I have to give credit where credit is due and honor my personal listening roots. "All Time" you ask? It has to be Entwistle/Moon and/or anything Bootsy Collins has ever been a part of, from JB to the P-funk stuff to his solo work of late (check out his Christmas album from 2009. Zoinks!)

  3. They are all good, but two that are missing are Chris Franz / Tina Weymouth and Noel Redding / Mitch Mitchell.


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