The War's Dancing Floor - Karina Buhr

from the album Longe de Onde (2011)

I have been really digging a lot of Brazilian music lately.  A world onto itself, the Brazilian music scene has infused elements of hip-hop, rap, garage, and global dance music to produce splendid results.  But what I find particularly interesting is how effectively 80's music has woven its way into the mix.

The War's Dancing Floor by Karina Buhr is a song that gives me flashbacks to some of my favorite recordings by the Tom Tom Club and Bush Tetras.  It contains that sexy beat and infectious groove that filled New York City clubs thirty years ago.  But when I listen, there is no mistaking that this is a modern song.  Certainly the superb production plays a part.  Still there is something intangible in the vibe that gives it a fresh, exotic feel.

Above all, what I enjoy most in this song is Karina Buhr.  Her voice pulls me in the same way that Deborah Harry's did the first time I heard Sunday Girl.  I like that.

Click Here to check out her web site and you will see some great concert photography.  Makes me want to jump a flight to Sao Paulo.  I bet she puts on a great show.