74 Years Young - Buddy Guy

from the album Living Proof (2010)

It feels like the perfect time to pay tribute to the old guys.  I have great respect for anyone who keeps doing their thing, long after their peers have fallen off the pace. From Frank Lloyd Wright to Bob Dylan, these people inspire me.

This is particularly true of blues artists.  Last October, I attended the Russian River Blues Festival in California.  The two headliners were B.B. King and Buddy Guy.  At 87 and 75 years of age, respectively, they each blew me away with their passion and their music.  Standing in a field along a river bank, listening to B.B. close the festival with an extended version of The Thrill Is Gone will stay with me forever.

At the show, Buddy Guy stayed away from many of his classics and focused on his new material.  74 Years Young is Track One on his most recent studio album.  Starting with a Be-Bop-a Lula riff on an acoustic guitar, Buddy sings about still being vital at 74.  Before long, he erupts into a blistering solo that reminds the world that Buddy Guy can play guitar like nobody's business.  I love it.

Click Here for a live version.

I hope I can age like them...