Happy At Your Gate - Erika Spring

from the EP Erika Spring (2012)

Brooklyn continues to evolve into a lush urban garden where wonderful new music blossoms.  With artists as diverse as its population, this borough offers the fantastic grooves of the Brooklyn Funk Essentials, the lost-prairie vibe of The Loom, to all the inspired music of labels like Electric Cowbell Records and Daptone Records.  This is a land where up-and-coming musicians rehearse in the back of barber shops and record in basement studios.  Viva Brooklyn.

Erika Spring is the latest in a long string of Brooklyn acts that I dig.  On leave from synth-pop trio Au Revoir Simone, she has released a self-titled EP that includes this groovin' song about a girl who arrives at a love interest's place to find the gate unlocked.  This makes the girl happy as she enters the gate.  A wonderfully simple and innocent theme for a song.

This sweet theme combines with a catchy melody, haunting keyboards and dreamy vocals to produce something that I hope puts a smile back on your face.  You deserve it.