Makelloser Mann - Mike Doughty

from the album Yes And Also Yes (2011)

At 1 minute 18 seconds, this song is too short for many listeners to take seriously.  In fact, it was probably a throw away for the band as well.  The song lacks any real structure and the lyrics are simply a collection of unconnected German phrases with English translations like "Immaculate Man", "a little child eats a little egg", and "I am a female actress".  Nothing particularly profound here.

But for some reason, I love this song.  The music grabs me from the first note with a vibe reminiscent of Monster by Fred Schneider and The Shake Society.  Then enters Mike Doughty singing German in a deeper than usual voice as the jam unfolds.  Before too long I am singing "Makelloser Mann, Makelloser Mann".  And then it is suddenly over.

Sometimes this happens with really enjoyable stuff.