No Diggity - Chet Faker

from the album Thinking In Textures (2012)

Have you ever wondered why so many hip hop and rap artists seamlessly incorporate other musical genres into their work, while the converse is rarely true?  I guess the reason is that adapting rap into a blues-based music framework is very difficult.  Try to imagine Florence + The Machine covering The Message by Grandmaster Flash + The Furious Five.  Beyond humorous, the outcome would be downright silly.

So, hats off to Chet Faker for this fine rendition of the Blackstone (featuring Dr. Dre) classic.  The Melbourne, Australia keyboardist has transformed this song into a downtempo gem all his own.  I really enjoy the groove, the quality of his voice, and the keyboard tracks.  Thinking In Textures is a great name for this album.  His attention to detail in crafting the tones and arrangements shine thru on every track.  The results on this song, in particular, are superb.  Check it out.

Click Here to check out a live version from The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK this past May.