Samba Sambei - Criolo

from the album No Na Orelha (2011)

Imagine yourself driving home from the beach on a hot summer afternoon with the windows down and the stereo turned way up, and you'll be ready for this song from the Brazilian artist Criolo.  Hypnotically catchy, this track is highlighted by some jaw-dropping production and stellar vocals.

The power of the kick drum and snare command you with a strong, steady beat that sounds as though it were recorded on a racquetball court.  The bass guitar is magnificently equalized and compressed allowing you to pick out every note of its masterful, low frequency groove.  Finally, the horn arrangements are recorded clean and crisp, allowing you to literally feel each contour that helps shape the song.  Woven together, the results are reminiscent of UB40's finest studio work.

I also dig how Criolo has applied a perfectly restrained vocal to the arrangement.  I am always impressed by singers who can craft their vocals to best fit the song.  Compare his vocal techniques on this song to his performance on Mario and you will see what I mean.

This song will make a great addition to any summer party mix.  Check out this live version from karolsline on You Tube: click here


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