Trellic - Baxter Dury

from the album Happy Soup (2012)

I made my own version of Happy Soup recently.  Some friends were coming over for dinner and I decided to try an Internet recipe for Columbian Chicken Stew.  These friends include some excellent cooks, so everything needed to be savory.  All was going perfect until I got to the garlic.  The recipe called for six thinly-sliced cloves.  Not knowing the difference between a clove and a head, I sliced six heads (about 45 cloves) thinking "Man, thats a lot of garlic."  But who am I to question the Columbians?

As the pot of molten broth reached full boil, I had to open the windows.  Vampires across the city panicked.  Arriving guests said they could smell it down the street.  The meal was quickly deemed inedible, so we escaped to the back deck, ate dessert, and drank lots of wine.  People laughed themselves silly over both the smell and my blunder.  It was a very fun night and everyone still laughs about it.  I guess that's Happy Soup.

Trellic is my favorite song from the Baxter Dury album, Happy Soup.  Baxter is the son of Stiff Records icon Ian Dury, who with his band The Blockheads created the late 70's classics Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll, and my personal favorite Billericay Dickie.

His gruff vocals are perfectly balanced by his choice of instrumental tones to craft a sound that compliments his voice.  It is a fresh and fun sound with a quick beat and an infectious guitar hook.  Aside from the craftsmanship, what I enjoy most on the record are the backing vocals by Madelaine Hart.  Her voice shines on each of the album's tracks.  Her website - Click Here - quips about being on a bill with Madness where the audience was filled with "middle aged men in t-shirts, showing off their aged middles."  Clever.

Click here to check out a You Tube clip recorded at Eurosonic 2012 in the Netherlands.  It is a stripped down version containing vocals, guitar, and handclaps.  I think it shows the strength of the songwriting and reminds us how fun it is to be part of a rock and roll band.  For a full concert version Click Here.


  1. Garlic sufficient to make a vampire cringe does leave somewhat of a stake in one's taste buds; however, the resulting "happy soup" that is the mixture of ingredients melded together from friendship is the recipe that brings out the flavor of life! Also, the Ian Dury song "Billericay Dickie is a long term favorite of mine too.

    For Madeline Hart - Her music and point of view are fresh and from that space from whence you know not where you go, but the journey there returns with genius.


  2. I'm not one for emoticons generally but.. :) or should I type :)> ( a one -fanged vampire) Either way, it made me laugh and the song hit a happy chord.


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