Justine - Julia Stone

from the album By The Horns (2012)

Justine is a new song by Australian Singer / Songwriter Julia Stone that I really dig.  Whether together or solo,  both Julia and her brother Angus continually deliver music that really resonates with me.

The tone of Julia Stone's voice has an ability to evoke emotions that combine with her songwriting skills to produce splendid results. This song is about yearning to be somewhere away from your current pressures, where you can live life on your own terms, with someone you care for.  The song's repeated refrain "I want to live with you in California" makes me think of my own desires.  The honesty in her voice connects this song to things that I long for. Few singers have this power.

Julia's new band sound great.  

Click Here to see them perform Justine live.  

Click Here for Part One an excellent interview with Julia.  Hope you enjoy.


  1. This is a wonderful song, and it really puts one's mind in that phase of desire for the thing that is not yet within grasp but not so far out of reach that it is completely elusive either!

    Music, the magical potion of time and space without significant harm to the traveller:


  2. Thanks Gigilo,
    You found something special here.

  3. I relate. I agree with Anonymous, aka JB. I like when she talks about "the line that ties me." Prophetic, for a young woman. I will just add that I always wanted a brother named Angus.


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