Live And Die - The Avett Brothers

from the album The Carpenter (2012)

Music Midtown is an Atlanta music festival that is a perennial favorite of mine.  Last night, I got to see a bunch of great bands - Foo Fighters, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, T.I., and Van Hunt - but the performance that really knocked me out was The Avett Brothers.  When we were waiting for the set to start, this dude asked my lady friend if she ever saw them live, when she said "no" he replied "well get ready, this is your new favorite band."  I suspect he was right.

The Avett Brothers lay down a rockin' bluegrass vibe from North Carolina.  They hit the stage with energy and joy, looked good, and connected with the large crowd.  Their songs celebrated love and family.  When the audience sang along with the catchy, intelligible lyrics, I found myself reflecting on the meaning of the words, thinking of the people I love - past and present - and wished they were all there to share the moment.

They played lots of great stuff from the new album, including the first single Live and Die.  This is a joyful song with a great banjo track, soulful cello, and sweet harmonies. The song is a declaration of love.  Lyrics like Left like a pharaoh / Sing like a sparrow make me smile.  Why haven't I heard that rhyme before?  We bloom like roses / Lead like Moses and Fear like a habit / Run like a rabbit are others that caught my ear.  Basically, the music is happy... and I really dig that.

This morning I will be heading back for Day Two of the festival.  A chance to see Pearl Jam, Florence + The Machine, Garbage, Ludicrous, Adam Ant, and a bunch of others.  It will be hard for anyone to top The Avett Brothers, but hey, you never know...

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