Sad Vacation - The Dandy Warhols

from the album This Machine (2012)

I enjoy listening to Internet radio.  The selection of music is broader and better than I find on the airwaves, and invariably I stumble across something I really dig.

My favorite show is The Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero on the Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta web station.  I really appreciate the approach Brett takes in crafting each installment.  A musical guide, he leads you along a rugged trail of great songs that sound great together, woven in thoughtful themes, and sprinkled with dry wit and smirky innuendo.  It is the modern equivalent to what you may have heard forty years ago, driving a U-Haul across Upstate New York in the wee hours of the morning.

Sad Vacation is a song by The Dandy Warhols that I first heard on The Fuzz Factory.  The song opens with a driving bass groove, supported by a steady beat and raunchy feedback.  Soon the song builds into Dark Wave heaven as guitars and keyboards create a sonic double-helix with sedated vocals carrying the melody line.  It reminds me of days when I used to hang out with these Jesus and Mary Chain fanatics, who listened to music very loud.  One night they informed their neighbors: "If you don't like loud music, move." Tough girls.

Click Here to view the official music video.

Click Here for SCAD Atlanta Radio.  Click Here to learn more about the art of Brett Callero.


  1. I really like your description of the Fuzz Factory listening experience. Thanks for listening! Keep on spreading the good word.


  2. Returning the favor, but with less eloquence:


  3. Brett - You deserve a great, big, giant transmitter. The show is great. - 40 Watt


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