What Did the Hippie Have In His Bag? - Cornershop

from the album Urban Turban (2012)

I just arrived in Amsterdam for a week.  I love this city.  It surrounds you with art and beauty that is wrapped in a relaxed vibe of diverse people living their lives and getting along.  I dig it.

Walking along a canal, music can be heard coming from the bars, the coffee shops, the falafel stands, and the street musicians.  It lures you in.  It is enchanting.

So I'm bopping around with this catchy world-pop tune from Cornershop bouncing around my brain.  I don't mind it at all.  It seems like the song was written for this place.  The cheery beat, the happy synthesizer, the lyrical imagery, the school kids singing along, and the east-meets-west sensibility all make me feel good.

What did the hippie have in his bag? ... it's unknown.

Click Here to view the video.


  1. Great analogy. Cornershop is a really good band. Hope you're having a great time.


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