You Me Love Bullets - The Bombay Royale

from the album You Me Love Bullets (2012)

In the first thirty seconds, this song hits you with a wild circus of surf cacophony: a thundering tom-tom beat, guitars with maximum reverb, pumping spy-theme keyboards, and mexican-styled horns in blazing glory.  I strap myself in for something special, and then enter a man and woman singing in Hindi.  Where am I?  Did somebody put something in my drink?  I hope I don't start seeing midgets.

No.  I'm listening to The Bombay Royale.  This band from Melbourne, Australia describe themselves perfectly:

"The magic and mayhem of vintage Bollywood collides in spectacular fashion with a dizzying blend of Tarantino-esque surf, wild disco, flamboyant theatrics, swirls of kaleidoscopic colour, outrageous costumes and utterly irresistible dance moves that sweep entire crowds off their feet."

What a great live show these guys must put on.  I checked out their tour schedule and they were playing in Tasmania.  Perfect.  I envision this band playing at some outpost of civilization, where road-worn sojourners trade tales of promiscuous women, and other madness, while drinking the hardest of liquor.  How I would love to be there.

Click Here to view the music video.  You won't be sorry.


  1. I think I saw a Midget in the life boat

  2. The 40 Watt Gigolo is at it again making tomes of the tunes for the amusiacs tin ear.

    Not to mention aboriginizing 22 beats to the bar in the outback by way of Shiva's turf. I wonder how that 20 armed god is on backup vocals?

  3. Hey Anonymous,

    Focus on the non-vertically challenged stranded on the main vessel.

    40 Watt -->

  4. Very interesting. Now I'm thirsty for a Heineken.


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