Cigarettes & Truckstops - Lindi Ortega

from the album Cigarettes & Truckstops (2012)

Close your eyes and escape into a great country song. Synchronize yourself with its slow tempo and let the space in the music free your mind.  Listen to the lyrics and place yourself on a Greyhound crossing the wide open American plains.  Think about the person you are riding the bus to see.  Imagine the words you would say to them, as you lay in the cold, blue light of dawn.

Cigarettes & Truckstops is a song I really dig.  To me, it comes from a different era, where Glen Campbell sings Gentle On My Mind and Kris Kristofferson is putting on his "cleanest dirty shirt."  A time when songs told stories that helped reveal inner truths to the listener.

Lindi Ortega is a singer / songwriter from Toronto, Canada.  After establishing herself in Canada, she has moved to Tennessee where makes great music on Last Gang Records.  But rather than go the "pop country" route, she has embraced a classic country-folk style.  Bravo for her.

The sweetness and longing in her voice, the lyrical imagery of lines like "In Evanston, Wyoming, I kissed you underneath a painted sky", the perfect feel of the bass and drums as they compliment the vocals, the minimal guitar playing with a tone that makes the classic country connection, the understated backing vocals, the light mandolin treatment, and the occasional dobro accents all contribute in making this a magnificent recording.

Even if you are not a big fan of country music, I recommend you lose yourself in this beautiful song.

Click Here to view an acoustic version recorded earlier this year in London.

Click Here to learn more about Last Gang Records.


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  2. Country music, does it really need to be categorized?

    When a group of musicians put talent to task, and testament to tempo and the truth of
    a life well lived, or at least "in the moment" experienced comes out of the mix, how can this be categorized?

    And if that category has to be country music, then call me turnip greens and corn bread because I think I'm a country music lover too.

    May the Greyhound always take you to the one you love, or may it take to the one that
    vexes your mind such that you cannot drive.

  3. Hey Turnip Greens & Cornbread, If a woman messes with your mind to the point that your riding Greyhounds, you may want to reconsider the relationship. --> 40 Watt


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