Lime-Lime - The Subsonics

from the album In The Black Spot (2012)

A few years ago, I was at a mindless conference in Park City, Utah. The only thing keeping me from Hara-Kiri was a rockabilly bass player from Texas named Chad.  We spent most of the "networking time" at the bar drinking Jim Beam and talking about bands we dig. This is how The Subsonics first came to my attention.

Soon after, I caught a show at The Star Bar in Atlanta.  They knocked me out.  The frontman, Clay Reed, played guitar with a ferocity that was only matched by the expertness he applied to every chord.  The drummer, Buffi Aguero, played a stand-up kit. Nothing like a sexy girl pounding out a beat.  And, oh yeah, they had a bass player.

Their music has an original garage vibe.  Inside it, I hear shades of The Velvet Underground, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, and Bo Diddley ... but the sound is all their own.

Lime-Lime is a song from their upcoming release.  Although the song is only 1 minute 33 seconds long, it is loaded with stuff I dig. It starts with the drum beat and bass line, followed closely by the dark lyrical imagery, including decapitated valentines and river drownings.  I also dig the performance and tone of the guitar solo, lead vocals, and organ track.

Click Here to watch a performance recorded in Spain in 2008.  This is a great band to see live.