Ready To Go - Kaiser Cartel

from the album Secret Transit (2010)

Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel are a singer / songwriter duo based in Brooklyn, New York.  Their music connects with me on several levels that include the quality of the songwriting, the honesty in their vocals, and a quirkiness that makes me feel like we could be friends.  Their day jobs are as art and music teachers in NYC schools.

An interesting phenomenon for me is that the titles of their songs very often reflect exactly how I feel about the song.  Favorite Song is indeed my favorite song.  Okay is - at a minimum - okay.  For this reason, I refuse to listen to Dead On The Lawn.

Ready To Go has a beat and groove that puts a bounce in my step and leaves me ... ready to go.  The vocal harmonies are stellar and Courtney's vocal performance, at times,  reminds me of The Bangles (in a good way). But my favorite thing about this song is its almost magical ability to make me sing along, sometimes days after my last listen.  I dig that.

Click Here to view the official video for the song.

Click Here to view a live performance at The Bowery Ballroom in New York.

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