The Same Old Ground - He's My Brother She's My Sister

from the album Nobody Dances In This Town (2012)

He's My Brother She's My Sister fire up a brand of swingin' twang, well-suited for smokey lounges full of thrift-store shopping hipsters, with The Same Old Ground.  This song - written by frontman Rob Kolar and Lemon Sun - won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for Best Rock Song of 2010.

Aside from the songwriting, the things that really caught my attention were Rob Kolar's lead vocal, the upright bass groove, and the lap steel guitar work.  However, when I later began to watch You Tube videos of the band, I became fascinated with the band's eclectic fashion sense and drummer Lauren Brown, who actually tap dances on the skin of her bass drum.  How cool is that?

I also dig the song's theme of longing to reunite with old friends at the places where they used to hang out.

Will we all come back again
To the same old ground
The one where we began

It makes me think of the places where I might reunite with my friends of days gone by.  The Wall, The Avalanche, The basement of The Star Bar, Parking Field Five, and all the others.  Even though I still keep up with a few online, what would be better than actually hooking up with them at the old haunts (so long as we don't have to drink Schmidt's)?

Click Here to watch them playing at SXSW earlier this year.

Click Here for a raunchier version from the Austin City Limits Festival two weeks ago.


  1. JB - AKA Simple Poems, InkOctober 27, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    The haunting lyrics of converging to that point where friendships are formed was a startng muse for the following.
    Common Ground

    We all come back again
    to the same old ground
    the one where we began

    That point in time
    when we're coming around
    and becoming women and men

    Nostalgia's flavor enhanced by time
    reliving those defining moments
    with the actions that filled our mind

    To know we know remembering
    the things that we all found
    that comfort us because of common ground

    Simple Poems, Ink.
    With initial stanza provided by - He's my brother, She's my sister.

  2. Wow- a few things--jealous of the tap dancing drummer and sick that there are new standards in the art that will make my dream that much more unattainable, cuz I can't tap dance either. Good video except for all the boob shots, but I'm sure I'm all alone in that one- (as nice as they are, and as a former baby/lactation nurse, I feel pretty confident in that assessment.) Oh, and by the way, a really good song!!! Their whole vibe just makes me want to go down to the Haight and re-live some of those crazy moments.

    More importantly though is the message so eloquently translated by you guys up above. We do, invariably, and without any control, reach an age where time and friendships and love take on different meanings, some painful, some wonderful, some in between-But my friends get me through each day lately, and yes, to be able to reunite through social media, or ideally, in person at, say, The Little Bear...well, to answer the question above, nothing would be better. Not a thing.

    And quite ironically, I JUST got off the phone with Angus, (he's my brother; I'm his sister) who says "hey"-


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