What You Wanted - Seapony

from the album Falling (2012)

Seapony is a Dream Pop band based in the Seattle area.  I instantly connected with the song What You Wanted, largely due to the no nonsense way the band gets straight to business.  It has that "I can name that tune in three notes" sensibility.  The beat, groove, and lead guitar riff are instantly established.  This is not typical of Dream Pop.

The second thing that hit me was the lead vocal.  Jen Weidl has a voice that blends sweetness, indifference, and vulnerability into something alluring.  I dig it.

The third thing to hit me were the lyrics.  You've been waiting for something you've forgotten / You've been waiting for something that you wanted / So long / You're too old now.  It caused me to reflect on my unrealized dreams and ask myself "Am I'm too old now?" Thankfully, the answer is no.

The forth thing is how effectively the guitars use tone to frame different parts of the song.  The little "ring" at the start of each verse provides a real cool hook.  That same guitar tone also helps the bridge stand out.

The last thing was how well the band performed as a unit.  The drum beat has a great energy with the bass player locked to his every move.  The guitars and vocals weave right in.  This is often the result of intense rehearsal.  If so, bravo Seapony, your hard work has paid off.

Click Here to listen to the album version of What You Wanted.

Click Here to see them perform a live version of No One Will, also from the album Falling.  The video gives you a real feel for what they are all about.

Click Here to learn more about the band from their labels web site.


  1. JEN, is her name. Other than that, cool review!

  2. Thanks for catching the typo. They are an awesome band.


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