Wishing You The Best - Campfire OK

from the album When You Have Arrived (2012)

This song was introduced to me by an Indian woman who runs a drum therapy clinic in Colorado.  Her sessions, which can run several days at a time, invariably produce positive results.  So, when she told me that I needed to listen to the drumming on the new Campfire OK tune, I cleared my schedule and advised the Apple folks that I really do want to download this song.

Glad I did.  There is something psychotic about a hard plucked banjo played over a steady, pounding beat that I really enjoy.  Add to it the hook line of " I am sorry if I was overbearing, but I didn't mean it" and I'm bopping my head like a woodpecker with Huntington's Disease.

Despite the banjo, this is not a country song.  It feels more like a murder ballad.  I wonder if this was the songwriter's intent.  If so, I dig the hook line even more.

Campfire OK is a Seattle band.  I do not know how this city keeps pumping out one great act after another, but they do.  If you are an aspiring musician, pack up your stuff and move there.  Join a band. Practice really hard.  If nothing else, it is cheaper than drum therapy sessions.

Click Here to watch the music video.  It evokes both a river drowning and Thornton Melon doing the "Triple Lindy".

Click Here to watch a clip of the band performing the song in the display window at Nordstrom's in downtown Seattle.

Click Here to watch Thornton Melon perform the "Triple Lindy".


  1. Still laughing...hadn't seen the triple Lindy in a long time. So funny.

  2. Watched the "Triple Lindy" first, and it truly is amazing what can come from the impossible. And this band makes that impossible happen using a banjo twang for harmonic emphasis versus the typical "did you just hear a banjo" euphemism. I especially like the iconic flotating over water impending doom vibe of the video. But real clincher from this song comes from the last six notes of the banjo at very end of the song.
    Great band!

  3. Agreed- I haven't listened to very much else this past week, and don't plan to stop until my phone (or my car) finally says "ENOUGH ALREADY..." Not often do you hear a banjo in an "alternative" style song but it works. And of course those drums... Conversley, the band takes on another vibe with a song called "Strange Like We Are" and you can access it on their website. They are very versatile and I wish them much success. Sure hope they come to CO soon. That Indian woman and I are their 2 biggest fans in the state.

  4. I love that the dean of the college was named Dean Martin.


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