Bonnie & Clyde - Lulu Gainsbourg

from the album From Gainsbourg to Lulu (2012)

Lulu Gainsbourg comes from a fine lineage of French musicians. His sister Charlotte's 2009 album IRM - produced by Beck - is a personal favorite.  I have a friend who alway plays it when I am over for cocktails.  His father, Serge, was a famous singer / songwriter / actor / poet / author, known for his "scandalous" works.  Current artists, including Beck and Dan The Automater, consider him an influence.  Lulu's mother was the French model Bambou.

Bonnie & Clyde is a cover version of his father's late-60's duet with Brigitte Bardot.  For a duet partner on this song, Lulu chose actress Scarlett Johansson.  I really dig how good their two voices sound together.  Lulu provides a hushed vocal sung in French, Scarlett's vocal is semi-spoken in English.  Combined, it creates a cool, sexy vibe.

The music adds additional texture to this vibe.  The bass guitar provides a slow groove that is up front in the mix.  I always dig songs that take this risky approach. The steady, relaxed drums and guitar add to the overall feel.  But in the end, this song is all about the vocals.

I recommend this tune for your "chillin' out" playlist.

Click Here to take a listen.

Click Here to listen to the Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot original with Herbert's Fred & Ginger mix.