Drifting Dreams - Bruce Foxton

from the album Back In The Room (2012)

Once upon a time, I used to sit in a room with my good friend Fred, spinning vinyl of new music performed by bands that our friends never knew existed.  Fred's older cousin, who played bass guitar in the NYC punk rock scene, turned us on to these groups.  It seemed like we were in on a secret, and that secret fueled our dreams.

Of all these groups, we really connected with The Jam.  Fred used to grab his guitar and play Standards, trying his best to recreate Paul Weller's vocals and guitar tone.  I can see him now, singing "We make the standards and we make the rules / And if you don't abide by them you must be fools."  Those were very special times.

Fast forward to today.  I'm sitting in a room listening to the new album by Bruce Foxton.  Bruce was the bass player for The Jam. The record puts me back in that room.  Part of it is the songwriting. Then there is singer Russel Hastings, with a voice and guitar style similar to Paul Weller's.  But mostly, it is the bass playing and backing vocals of Bruce Foxton.  As a special treat, Paul Weller shows up on three of the album's tracks.

Drifting Dreams is turning out to be my favorite song on this album. More reminiscent of The Style Council than The Jam, the song has an incredible soul vibe, with great descending piano and bass riffs, uplifting lead vocals, and Bruce Foxton's trademark backing vocals.

It has been a while since a new record has brought me back to those days.  I think I'll give Fred a call...

Click Here for a live version recorded a few months ago at The 12 Bar Club in London.


  1. I decided I needed the whole album. My only problem is that I can't choose a favorite. It's a toss up between your fave, Glad I Found My Tears, and Coming on Strong. Then there's Window Shopping...such a dilemma you have put me in.

    And thank goodness you put the Style Council analogy in there. That would have driven me nuts, wondering which band it sort of mimics. That is spot on!

    And you should call Fred...say hi for me.

  2. Hi Theresa, I called Fred right after I posted this song. He reads the blog, so I'm guessing he'll see your message. He has had a tough 2012, and it is great being able to speak with him. I'll say hi.

    Also, I am with you on this album. So many great songs to choose from. I almost wrote about Glad I Found My Tears, but Drifting Dreams won out.

    Hope all is well.

    1. Great Song, great blog and even better friend. Cant wait to read and listen to it all. Hi Theresa.Thanks for thinking of me. Hope all is well.Fred

  3. Hi Fred...long time no see! Glad things are going well for you. Been a rough year for many...hang in there and have a great holiday! (This whole album is so good- our friend, the 40 Watt Gigolo, has awesome taste, but then again, so do we..;)

  4. I want to know how the 40 watt found this record. Its very good. Listening to it again thinking about Fred and Theresa got me lost for a few minutes ad the song got better.


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