Drop Down - Sean Hayes

from the album Before We Turn To Dust (2012)

Sean Hayes is a San Francisco Singer / Songwriter who I have been digging for the past five years, or so, ever since hearing his song Turnaroundandturnmeon on the fantastic Big Change: Songs For FINCA compilation.

You may best recognize him for the song Powerful Stuff, that appears on a Subaru commercial currently running across the United States.  But do your self a favor and check out the songs Calling All Cars and F****d Me Right Up from his previous albums. Great songwriting and vocal performances over cool grooves.

His new album, Before We Turn To Dust, is largely the lament of a man balancing his lives as a troubadour and a family man.  All the songs are heartfelt and well written.  His use of subtle syncopation and the percussive elements of the piano tracks really let his vocals soar.

There are four or five songs on the record that I've been grooving on lately.  Drop Down is one that particularly stands out.  It is a downtempo song that draws parallels between his parents with newborn kids and his own current circumstances.  I dig the lyrics and the groove.

It is also important to point out the drumming on this song.  Every beat is perfectly placed and the dynamics are stellar.  I do not know the drummer's name, but I certainly tip my hat to him or her.

Also check out Miss Her When I'm Gone and Lucky Man.

Click Here for a live version recorded in Portland, Oregon about a year ago.

Click Here for a two-piece live version with a guitar & drums.  It was recorded at Amnesia in San Francisco two months ago.


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    1. I had a typo and it bugged me...just wanted to say that he is really good and listening to his smooth voice makes me want to smoke a cigarette- and I have never smoked. That is a strange phenomenon, and a first for me.

      REALLY like Turnaroundandturnmeon-

      Just saw he was here in Denver last week- too bad I didn't know that.

  2. History, and where you are from is such an important factor in the human experiment that this song gives me a deeper apprreciation for those that are truly orphaned. Althought, it gives me hope the nature of humans will fill in and provide the needed love that brings on that "loving feeling" and provides the history that we all need to know.


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