Earlie Grace Jnr - Ian Siegal and the Mississippi Mudbloods

from the album Candy Store Kid (2012)

The 1993 film Kalifornia did not do well at the box office.  In fact, it was considered a bomb.  However, I thought it was a pretty good flick.  In the film, a couple decides to drive from Pennsylvania to California with plans to visit serial murder sites along the way for a book they are researching.  Low on cash, they post a note for riders to help share expenses.  The couple that signs on for the trip includes Early Grayce - played by Brad Pitt - who just happens to be a practicing serial killer.

Ian Siegal is a British blues musician.  He is a real good songwriter with a gruff voice that I dig.  I enjoy listening to the way he crafts his tunes around his vocals and lyrical imagery.  It is well suited to dark subject matter, so a song inspired by the Brad Pitt character from Kalifornia is right in his wheelhouse.  This rendition changes the spelling of the title and adds the "junior" to prevent it from being confused with a different version he recorded 10 years earlier.

For this recording, Ian Siegal surrounds himself with a fine group of blues musicians.  They do a nice job of laying down the dark, swampy vibe. However, the instrument that grabs me most is the slide guitar, which adds a bit of unexpected playfulness to the tune.  I really enjoy how it captures the same tone that George Harrison used on For You Blues from The Beatle's album Let It Be.  It brings a British element to the American blues sound of the band that I really enjoy ...  Elmore James got nothin' on this baby.

I also dig the song's hook line: "California, where all your dreams come true / California, yeah, and all your nightmares too."  I have some friends who would definitely agree.

If you want to groove to a cool blues vibe, check this one out.

Click Here to listen to a version recorded live at The Running Horse in Nottingham, England in 2003. This is an early acoustic version of the song.