Emanuel Ciccolini - The Cactus Channel

from the album Haptics (2012)

The Cactus Channel is an 10-piece instrumental R&B/Soul band from Melbourne, Australia.   Their debut album, Haptics, is an end-to-end jam that I really dig.  I plan to invite some of my funky friends over for a cocktail party, so they can groove to their musical stylings.  Then I will share that the band members just graduated high school.  The reactions should be stupendous.

How do a group of teenagers learn to lay down such a hot, funky, soul vibe?  Where did they get the chops?  Who turned them on to James Brown, Issac Hayes, or Rufus Thomas?  Did Melvin Van Peebles move to Australia and start hanging out in school yards? Probably not.  My guess is that this album is the result of fine parenting.

Emanuel Ciccolini is the first track on the album.  The song starts with a 60's bass groove ... drums and rhythm guitar enter ... the full rhythm section gels ...  welcome the keyboard with its "mystery" tone ...  now, let's drop back and feel the bass groove ... POW... the horns come a blazin' ...  it's the trumpets against the saxophones ... everyone else surges ...  a hot, sticky soul jam is headed straight for you ... 10-pieces of flying funk ...  impact! ... carnage! ... the mind is severed from the body! ... but the soul jam sets you free.

I keep coming across great new bands from Melbourne this year. Maybe it's time to cash in the frequent flyer miles and go drink their water.

Click Here for the official video to Emanuel Ciccolini.

Click Here for a live version.


  1. Yea...I do not get it. This is not what we played in Mr. Andreucci's stage band.

  2. Too bad. Someone needed to turn Mr Andreucci on to some fat,fuzzy, funk.

  3. I'm sure the parents can take a lot of the credit, but also deserving are some music teachers from some other great melbourne bands, as well as a hell of a lot of initiative on the part of the cactus channel guys and gals. they got a real good idea of where they're going!

  4. Hey Tristan, That is awesome. I needed to give the real credit to where it was due, to the band. --> 40 Watt

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