Frisson Two Step - Louisiana Rhythm Devils

from the album Devil On a String (2012)

There are still places on this earth where music comes-a-bubblin' from the soil.  This is sacred ground.  Its music has an authenticity that cannot be matched, even by satellite radio.

This week, I'm driving down to the Gulf Of Mexico for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I dig the drive and tend to choose the by-ways over the interstates.  Passing tin roofs and cotton fields reminds me of my personal hero, John Lomax, rambling across the American South with his recording gear.  I think of him, as I drive thru towns like Georgiana, Alabama ... home of Hank Williams.

Somewhere near Mobile, I feel a magnetic pull.  It's the cajun call. Banshees of the Bayou scream my name.  Come here Mr. Gigolo. Come here.  Oh, the temptation.

I believe that in the swamps, west of New Orleans, music rises, spreads across the delta, and travels around the world.  But people from these parts don't look far beyond their neighbor's porch for a good tune.  It is local music, for local people.  And they are richer for it.

There are places - like Randol's Cajun in Lafayette, Louisiana - where people, old and young, gather to celebrate life.  The music is performed by great local groups. It is the best of cajun music, expertly played, like nowhere else on earth.

Devil On A String is this year's release from the Lafayette Rhythm Devils.  Starting with the first song, Frisson Two Step, I get lost in the cajun tones and rhythms.  The galloping beats, the fiddles and the concertinas, the wonderfully off-key vocals ...  Was I displaced at birth?

Click Here to watch the Lafayette Rhythm Devils playing at Randol's.  Dig the smiles on the dancing people.  It is awesome.

Click Here for more of the same.  If you are like me, you just can't get enough.

Click Here if you are interested in buying a CD direct from the band. Remember, this is local music.  No need for iTunes.