Kitchen Floor - Madness

from the album Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da (2012)

For the new music lover, every Tuesday is like Christmas morning, with dozens of new releases sitting under the tree, ready to play. Some are from new artists, longing to be discovered.  Others are from artists in their prime, cranking out their body of work.  And then there are the blasts from the past.  These songs fill me with the most angst, hoping that the artists remain relevant and are not cheap retreads of dated glory.

This week was full of angst, with new music from bands like The Rolling Stones, Soundgarden, and one of my personal favorites, Madness.  Will Suggs and company stand tall like Mr. Potato Head? Or, will the new release sink their Battleship?  One can only hope.

Fortunately, all is well with Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da, an album filled with enjoyable ska ditties that put a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

Kitchen Floor is a song that I particularly dig.  It has that familiar ska groove you can slide right into, highlighted by the saxophone and lead guitar.  They are the dog's bollocks.   And then there is Suggs, pitching woo to his lady friend with the memorable chorus:

You can do it on the kitchen floor
Hanging on the bathroom door
You know what I'm living for
Cause I've got you

A little Madness makes my world a happier place.

Click Here for a live version from the September's iTunes Festival.