Love On Ocean Boulevard - Christian Luther

from the album Time To Travel On (2012)

My inner anarchist revels in the perpetual change and disruption to the music industry created by technology.  Today, I have access to more music, from more artists, wherever I go, thanks to all the whiz bang stuff in my backpack.  Meanwhile, the record companies, who charged exorbitant pricing for years, claiming the funds helped "discover" new artists, are crumbling as artists and audiences discover each other directly.  There is nothing like democracy.

At the same time, new companies rise, offering value propositions that embrace this new normal.  One such company is from Berlin.  YouTunez is a music distribution service that allows quality independent artists to affordably subscribe to a service to digitally distribute their music globally via iTunes, Amazon, and dozens of other outlets.  Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks to YouTunez, I came across a Christian Luther, a German blues artist who created Time To Travel On, a new album that I really dig.  I think it is fantastic to live in a world where he and I can connect.  With competition from Martin Luther and Christianity, finding him in a simple Google search would be most improbable without YouTunez.

It is hard to choose one song from this album to write about.  There are four or five excellent tracks here.  But when push comes to shove, Love On Ocean Boulevard is it.  Officially tagged as a blues artist, he is so much more than that.  This song makes that point.

His voice is reminiscent of Lou Reed.  It warms my heart to listen to him sing.  The song also has a memorable guitar hook, a nice piano track, and a "La-La-La-La-La-La-La" chorus that resonates.

Discover the undiscovered and download a few of his songs. Others to consider include Pretty Woman, Rolling Down, Cheat On You, and I'm Falling.  Hell, buy the whole thing!!!

Click Here to check out his website.  Hope you can read German.

Click Here for  I recommend that my unsigned music friends take a look.