Be Mine - The Heavy

from the album The Glorious Dead (2012)

The Heavy is one of those special groups that craft infectious, memorable grooves and combine them with stellar production and hip vocal arrangements.  My lady friend introduced me to them when How Do You Like Me Now? became a staple on her work-out tape a few years ago.  Soon after, I heard Short Change Hero and my interest began to peak.

The new album is full of the big beat vibes that initially hooked me. However, it is Be Mine with its slow bass groove over a steady beat that I have really come to dig.  The opening bars create this Gorillaz meet Fine Young Cannibals vibe that captivates me.  It is amazing how easily I get lost the bass line.

Then enter Kelvin Swaby with a fantastic vocal.  The slower tempo of this song allows you to fully appreciate his talent. This matchup of song and singer is outstanding.  And, of course, the song contains all the great instrumental performances and production that one would expect of this band.

Lastly, I really enjoy the song's simple theme of surrendering yourself to love.  The chorus - Take all my money / Take all my time / Take all the stars that hang above me / And be mine - is memorable, like many of the great old R&B and Soul hits of days gone by.  It is both easy to sing and easy to relate with.  I'm sure I'm not the only one singing it right now.

Click Here to listen to the song.  The lyrics are also included.


  1. The mood set by “The Heavy” with the song Be Mine is just mind blowing.

    The really funky 8mm throw back graphics running as the song is playing reminds me of the hokey family films my dad made back in the day. But the best part is the song, in that it hits hard to home on the quintessential essence of life. It brings back that memory of the first note you were passed that contained a simple question –
    Do you like me? Check yes or no

    Simple, like the song be mine: No complex games, no extravagant courtship, no fear!

    Marvelous flash back to a simple time, and to a memory of simple love without complex baggage:


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