Benzedrine - Jack Yoder and The Two Piece Suit

from the album Songs We Don't Know (2012)

2012 has been a great year for Jack Yoder, marked by the release of the self-produced Songs We Don't Know and for winning the Colorado Blues Society competition for best solo blues artist of 2012.  Both the record and Jack will be competing at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee next month. Nice way to kick of 2013.

Jack Yoder has an encyclopedic knowledge of tone.  Mention a song and he can dial up the tone and play you the tune.  Doesn't matter if its Hubert Sumlin or Bob Mould, shut your eyes and that's the sound.  It is a gift.  Mixed with his own musicianship and songwriting skills, it produces jaw-dropping results.

Benzedrine is a song I really dig off of this record.  Expertly written, Jack gives us a throwback vibe that would sound great on any of the recent Bob Dylan albums.  Listen to the guitar tone with its clarity and tinge of reverb and you are transported back to any 1940's blues joint.  Meanwhile, the upright bass and drums lay down a fine groove and beat that any guitarist would love to play over.

Then there are the lyrics.  Is he singing about drugs or women?  Is there really any difference?  It starts with the first verse:

Up all night, can't sleep at all
Tired of staring at these same four walls
For you
I burn, burn, burn for you

Jack Yoder represents a door that connects the past and future of the blues. He has the ability to make the old new that I usually equate with R.L. Burnside.  Check Jack Yoder out.  He is the real deal.

Click Here to watch Jack Yoder and The Two Piece suit perform at the Colorado Blues Society awards in October.

Click Here to view the band's website.  It is the place where you can buy their music.