El Jefe - Mexican Institute of Sound

from the album Politico (2012)

Mexican Institute of Sound is the brainchild of Camilo Lara.  This Mexico City DJ / producer has created a project that takes an electronica foundation and integrates diverse musical elements from Latin America and around the world to create a cool, alternative vibe that I dig.

The song begins with an uptempo, groovin' bass line and drums.  It reminds me of early recordings by The Police, and some early ska, while keeping its finger on the pulse of current hipness.  I particularly enjoy the vibe when I am speeding on the interstate or hanging out - late night - with my funky friends.

Spy-themed keyboards join in the mix next.  This adds an element of intrigue that also helps the song build intensity.  This is followed by the trumpets, the signature tracks on this recording.  The trumpets bring a real Mexican texture and provide a fantastic hook that perfectly counterbalances the percolating bass and drums. Bravo to the trumpeters.

I also dig the chorus, with its "Uno Caida, Dos Caida, Tres Caida, Quatro A Volador" which translates into English as "One fallen, two fallen, three fallen, four a rocket."  I believe that rocket means a flying fish.

It is clear to me why several songs by this band have been incorporated into video games.  Their sound is engrossing.  But more than anything, I am freaking out over how well these songs mix with video.  It creates something I cannot get enough of. Check out the links to see what I mean.

Click Here to watch El Jefe put to an animated video.  I really dig the masked wrestlers.  Reminds me of Mil Mascaras and Jack Black in Nacho Libre.

Click Here to watch an earlier song - A Girl Like You - put to video.  Sunday night, I was on a high after seeing an old friend.  I projected this video onto a large wall, finished off a bottle of Hendricks, and became completely engrossed.  Wish I could dance like that.