Get Up And Go - Sea Of Bees

from the dual single Won't Be Long / Get Up and Go (with Jason Lytle) (2012)

Yesterday was a really rough end to a really rough week.  I did not sleep much with too many things on my mind.  Woke up around 5AM and have been in zombieland ever since.  Now its time to pull myself together and get back on track ... (end of self pity)

Step one was to find a new song to cheer me up.  Leave it to Sea Of Bees to do the trick.  I have been digging the band since catching a set this May at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.  It was one of my favorite shows of the year.

Get Up And Go is a cover of a Jason Lytle song from his Dept. of Disappearance album that was released back in August.  It is a great song from a great album, not sure how I missed it.

This rendition begins with acoustic guitar and chimes.  Julie Baenziger enters with a dreamy, endearing vocal.  Add a simple beat and groove, then turn up the rough lead guitar track.  Top it off with some joyful whistling and kazoo playing ... and, presto ... you have a groovy little pop tune.

The lyrics ring in your brain like a good mantras:

Get up and go
You can do it 
Everything is gonna be alright
You can do it
You can do it
Everything is gonna be alright

Thank you Sea of Bees.  Your song cheered me up.

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