Make The World A Funkier Place

Time Has Come Today by The Chamber Brothers is one of the greatest songs ever recorded.  It speaks to a time and a place like few songs, ever.

Unfortunately, one of the men responsible for this and so many other great songs, Lester Chambers, has been massively cheated on his royalties and become otherwise down on his luck.  He currently lives off his Social Security check.

Fortunately, the Kickstarter organization is helping to pick Lester up and set him back on track.  Although they will never get all his money back, they will raise $38,000 to cover all of the costs necessary for Lester to record and release a new record.  They are also providing legal support to ensure he receives all the royalties. This is done by micro-donations from music lovers like us.

And for us, Lester Chambers has released two funky, new Christmas recordings: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Jingle Bells.  They sound great.  Can't wait for the record.

Please join me in helping bring back Lester Chambers.

Click Here for the Kickstarter page on Lester Chambers.

Click Here to hear the two Christmas songs.  They are embedded in the left hand column of this article.