Mark It Wrong - The Departed

from the album Adventus (2012)

I have fond memories of a late-night, partying with a group of people along the banks of the Yellowstone River in eastern Montana.  One dude had stage monitors in the back of his SUV and cranked out a live album by Cross Canadian Ragweed.  When the song Boys from Oklahoma came on, everyone (except me and my work buddy) knew all the words and sang along.  Fun night.  Fun song.

A few years later, I was saddened to hear that singer/guitarist Cody Canada and bass player Jeremy Plato "departed" from this Red Dirt Country-Rock band to form The Departed.  But not so much now. The Departed continue to evolve their sound into a "rock band from the country" vibe that I find very interesting.

This vibe is best evidenced on the instrumental Mark It Wrong from their new album, Adventus.  Pick out each instrument and listen to the tones: guitar, bass, drums, keys ... all rock.  This ain't Molly Hatchet or Lynyrd Skynyrd, it is something more Primus-inspired. Check out the bass solo.  Great stuff.

Pretty cool to think that somewhere on Highway 87, between Lubbock and Amarillo, a great rock band may be riding to their next gig at some back-road music joint.  Wish I was there.

Click Here to watch the band kick off a live show with this tune. It was recorded in a small bar in Luckenbach, Texas.  Like someone next to cameraman says following the song "Now that's an incredible (inaudible) intro, baby."


  1. Nothing says rocking roll chops like the phase shifting sound of a Hammond B3 organ Leslie. Specifically when a group of tight musicians are laying down the tunes with an if by telepathy interwoven communication that is what is to be in an expressively audio delivered moment. Talent, sound, melody and that warbling Leslie, get me a beer I've got some listing to do!


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