The Rumors Are True - David Wax Museum

from the album Knock Knock Get Up (2012)

I have been thinking about intersections lately.  Not from a civil engineering perspective, but more along the lines of the great results you can achieve when you cross two disparate items.  This is true in virtually every form of art.

Music is no exception.  When the spirituals and field hollers of slaves intersected with ragtime syncopation and the blues, the result was jazz.  No need to go any further.

So I really dig David Wax Museum for leveraging an unexplored musical intersection to create a unique vibe that they can call their own.  It is the place where Mexican Sol and Americana Roots music meet. From there, David Wax and Suz Slezak find a platform to spin their craft.

Wikipedia quotes New York Times writer James C. McKinley Jr. as describing the sound as "a lively and rustic cross-border mix: lonesome Appalachian harmonies over mariachi horn lines and rhythms you might hear at a rural dance in Veracruz or San Luis Potosi."  No wonder this dude writes for The New York Times.

The Rumors Are True is a new song by this band that has me hooked.  The horns and the beat pull me in and hold me.  From there, I become absorbed by the vocals of David Wax, the interesting harmonies, and the quality of the songwriting.

I also love the lyrical imagery.  One of the verses in this break-up song weaves in an encounter between a lamb and a wolf.  It goes like this:

Oh, the lamb said to the wolf "Please be gently with me"
Oh, the lamb said to the wolf
Wolf said "I think I cut you, though it happened accidentally"
Oh, the wolf said to the lamb
I'd hate to say it to you
I'd hate to say it to you
I'd hate to say it to you
But the rumors are true

Spoiler Alert:  It does not end well for the lamb.

Click Here to catch a live version recorded published a few weeks ago by the band.  Too bad the mariachi horns are absent.