The Season's Upon Us - Dropkick Murphys

from the album Signed And Sealed In Blood (2012)

Once upon a time, I travelled to Boston during the holiday season.  I wound up drinking with some college friends south of the city at The Dot Tavern in Dorchester.  It was a no frills, drinking man's joint.  I remember a guy called "The Hinge" who had a tattoo of a hinge on his elbow that got a lot of exercise lifting pints.  This is the blue collar life you find in movies like The Departed and The Town.

Just south of Dorchester is the town of Quincy.  Same basic deal, with a little more history.  John Adams and John Quincy Adams were both born there.  This is also the birthplace of Dropkick Murphys, a celtic rock band with a spirited vibe that I really dig.

The Season's Upon Us is a brash holiday number.  The verses end with the line "They call this Christmas where I'm from."  Along the way it paints a cheeky picture of the odd assortment of family and friends who make Christmas that special time of the year for Dropkick Murphys.

This ain't no Bing Crosby jingle.  It is a rollicking song that makes me smile, particularly when I watch the video.

Click Here to watch the music video.


  1. Well there you go again, having me rummage for Blackout, 2003. Guess I know what I will be listening to on my drive in to work tomorrow. Can't wait to hear their new stuff! (Funny..just got in from dinner with our dear friends from Mass and Chris went to school in Lowell, Mass and Candy actually gave me the Dropkick Murphys CD. Co-inky-dink, as my brother would say.)

    1. Addendum : drove to work to Dropkick Murphys. Verrrry energetic-forgot that part about them!
      Got me into this slightly anarchist mood, which was perfect, as it was my last day at my job...gave me this "take this job and shove it" mentality, which worked out perfectly in my exit interview. Thanks 40 watt, and Celtic rock, for having my back, today of all days! In the words of the great Jim Lovell, one of my heroes, "this is Apollo 13...signing off." (Apollo 14 blasts off on Monday...everyone is invited to the launch.)


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