Downwind - Sean Rowe

from the album The Salesman And The Shark (2012)

Sean Rowe recorded his second album - The Salesman And The Shark - at the famed Vox Recording Studio in Los Angeles, making a "live" recording using the same mixing board that was used by The Rolling Stones on Exile On Main Street and by T. Rex on Electric Warrior.  There must be magic in the wires, because this is one record that gives me the chilly-willies.

Whenever you listen to Sean Rowe, you are immediately struck by his magnificent baritone vocals.  Not since the Crash Test Dummies has an artist emerged with such a compelling baritone.  However, there is so much more here than a voice.  The choice of instruments, the attention to tone, and the songwriting chops that allow him to craft songs around his voice while evoking the surf guitar and soul legends of the 1960's is phenomenal.

Downwind is one of many songs by Sean Rowe that I have been basking in of late.  I dig the drumming, the reverb on the guitars, and the bright keyboard tones.  I also dig the variations in the vocals.  There are times when he channels Bowie in his vocal stylings and other times where the whistling blows me away.

But my unexpected joy in this song comes from the blistering surf guitar solo.  I hear shades of Duane Eddy playing Ghost Riders In The Sky.  It is the best "surf" you can imagine in a "non-surf" song.

Great songwriting.  Great vocals.  Great performances.

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  1. Yea, there is really nothing about this song that I do not absolutely love. I love a song like this where I am challenged to not have at least one body part bop to the's great! A combo of substance and fun. .

  2. Hi Theresa, another song by him I think you might enjoy is Joe's Cult from the same album. It's a more spoken song, with lots of groovy stuff goin' on.


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