Forever And A Day - Giant Giant Sand

from the album Tucson (2012)

I've been digging the album Tuscon by Giant Giant Sand lately.

The record tells a story of drifting and romance set in Tuscon and the surrounding country.  The 19 songs interweave a hip desert twang with morphean songwriting that is accented by mariachi horns, smokey lounge numbers, and galloping beats.  I am most attracted to the songwriting and all the nuanced, little nuggets of pleasure tucked into each song.  It's like Nick Lowe, Tom Waits, and Guy Clark grabbed some tequila, went on a musical vision quest, howled with Johnny Cash's ghost, and came back with a bucket full of tunes.

Most of the record is written by Howard Gelb, who has been writing great songs for nearly three decades.  For this album, he has expanded his Giant Sand collective to form Giant Giant Sand.  The resulting 12-piece ensemble adds rich textures of mexican cumbia and noir-tinged rockabilly reverb.  Every listen unveils something new.  I can imagine myself listening to this song live in a honky tonk, driving across West Texas, or watching some border town thriller.

Forever And A Day is a song that I particularly enjoy.  It is primarily a rockabilly shuffle, decorated with mexican horns, harmonica, accordion, peddle steal guitar, and spy-theme guitar phrasings to create an eclectic vibe that I find fascinating.

I recommend the six-and-a-half minute version.  I contains lots of great instrumental performances lost on the radio mix.  You should also check out the rest of the record.  One song, Thing Like That, is a personal favorite.

Click Here to watch the music video of the radio mix.

Click Here to listen to the full-length recording.

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