Freedom - Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton

from the original motion picture soundtrack to Quentin Tarrentino's Django Unchained (2012)

Who doesn't dig the music from Quentin Tarrentino films?  When I first heard Bobby Womack singing Across 100th Street during the opening scene of Jackie Brown, it sent me into an R&B fever that lasted almost two years.  The Al Hirt version of the Green Hornet (TV) Theme song from Kill Bill Volume 1 gave me this Mexican Trumpet fever that I still suffer from today.

So I immediately jumped at a chance to give the Django Unchained soundtrack a spin.  I was not disappointed.  Of all the great tunes, Freedom stands out for me.

The songwriting and production are stellar.  Beyond that, there are over a dozen things I really dig about this song.  It starts with the opening bars with its pumping beat and groove joined by deep, subtle male vocals chanting "ummmm...ummmmm".  I am instantly hooked.

Next is the acoustic guitar, sliding chords up the fretboard.  It brings an element of grit that adds to the overall vibe.  Then enter the beautiful, slightly smokey voice of Elayna Boynton leading into the defining chorus:

I am looking for freedom
I am looking for freedom
And to find it may take everything I have

Somewhere along the way, a piano joined the arrangement, striking and holding long chords that allow the percussion and tone of the instrument to complement her vocal quality.

After the first chorus, Anthony Hamilton takes over.  I have been a fan of his vocals since first hearing him on a Nappy Roots record ten years ago.  The inner power of his vocal coupled with his chilling falsetto mark the high point of the song for me.

We are then treated to a glorious breakdown that keeps all of these great elements alive before coming together for one final, climactic chorus.  What a ride...

Click Here listen to the song set to still images from the film.


  1. The right to pursue freedom should take all that you have, because life is freedom and that should be your all!


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