Gawd Above - John Fullbright

from the album From The Ground Up (2012)

John Fullbright is a gifted 24 year-old singer/songwriter from Okemah, Oklahoma.  His album From The Ground Up is nominated for Best Americana Album at the upcoming Grammy Awards.  This is well deserved, as John Fullbright represents the best in American roots music today.

The song Gawd Above is one of the highlights from this album.  The song is a blues-roots-rock-folk hand grenade, sung from the perspective of an ego-centric God, hungry for human worship. Check out the first verse:

Six long days, seventh day He rested
Said, "There's one sure way humans can be tested
Give em wine and song, fire and lust
When it all goes wrong I'm the man to trust
And they'll be all my own, all mine together
They will sing my praise, sing my name forever
I am God Above, Lord God Almighty, mama

I made the heaven and earth, I made the stars above
Is it too much to ask for a little love?

This song starts with a simple acoustic guitar riff with the vocals building in intensity thru the first verse.  Then the full band kicks in, led by long, sustained keyboard chords that add great tension.  The bass and drums drive the momentum, and there is even a Vibra-Slap thrown in the mix.  As the powerful lyrics continue to roll, fiery harmonica and electric guitar solos further elevate the song.   I become mesmerized by the bombardment of deep instrumental hooks and words of an angry God hitting me as the music hits a rolling boil.  What a song!

Please check out John Fullbright.  He is the real deal.

Click Here for a live acoustic version recorded last May in Austin, Texas.