One More Day Above The Roses - Gaelic Storm

from the album Chicken Boxer (2012)

Today is a milestone birthday for a good friend of mine.  What better way to celebrate than with an Irish romp.  So here it is, One More Day Above The Roses.  This song may have been written for you. Here are some random verses:

I'm done with you begrudgers
You pushers and you shovers
The scurrying, the worrying
I'm goin' to have some fun

I'm done with all the snitching
The balling and the bitching
The striving and conniving
I'm heading to the pub

All the shmoozin' and the boozin'
Will catch up with you they say
At least that's what them old ones
Told me every day
So I quit just like they said
Stopped everything that's bad
'Twas the worst twenty minutes that I've ever had

So, give it over, take a break
Shut yer hole! You're causing my poor heart to ache
To all you saints and sinners
You losers and you winners
Here's to One More Day Above The Roses 

I hope that you, and everyone else, have a great day.

Click Here to watch the band performing live at a festival in Austin, Texas.


  1. The perfection of this selection cannot be under estimated. Mary Rose Reilly and I both agree on that.

    Milestone, shmile-stone...The alternative would be to NOT have a milestone birthday. Joe Strummer told me just the other day "It's fun to be alive. It's a hell of a lot better than being dead."

    I have to agree. So, here's to one more day above the roses!

    And thank you, 40 Watt-- this was too great.

  2. Thanks Theresa. I'm glad you are listening to Joe.


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